Jackson City Schools Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

Members of the Jackson City Schools Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) are:

Karen Ochsenbein - President

Andrea Hill - VP

Melissa Rowland - Recording Secretary

Scott Lowe - Admin

Tamara Washington - JHS

Alternates: Jenny Williams, Christy Smith 

Committee meetings are scheduled the first Wednesday of each month, unless announced otherwise If you are filing an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP), it must be submitted to Melissa Hughes at least a week in advance of the regular meeting in order to schedule personal interview. Anyone submitting an IPDP must appear in person before the LPDC before the plan can be approved. It is the responsibility of each teacher, administrator, or certificated/licensed resource person to monitor expiration dates, and initiate a PDP for renewal, in a timely fashion.

Prior approval must be granted by the Committee (LPDC) before undertaking any Other Equivalent Activities.

The Committee strongly recommends that once you have exhausted your grace renewal, or filed for your initial license, that you submit an IPDP as soon as possible!

Activities attempted prior to IPDP approval may not count as credit.

LPDC Forms

Form LPDC-1 Individual Professional Development Plan
This form is to be filed with the LPDC only after the grace renewal period had been exhausted. Once the employee initiates the transition process from certification to licensure, s/he must have an approved IPDP on file not later than the October 1 date which occurs twenty-one months prior to expiration of the current certificate or license.

Form LPDC-2 Activity Documentation Voucher
This form is to be filed with the LPDC after the grace renewal option has been exhausted and before any activity is undertaken for conversion to licensure. Review and approval by the LPDC must be secured before any activity is undertaken. All activities must relate to the IPDP goals.

Form LPDC-3 Professional Activities Log or LPDC-3 Professional Activities Log (Google Form – You must be logged in to your school account.)
This is a record to be maintained by the individual from one renewal cycle to the next. It is to be used for keeping a log of all activities related to the next renewal and is submitted to the committee along with documentation (e.g. transcripts, etc.) and is accompanied by LPDC-4 and LPDC-5..

Form LPDC-4 Professional Activities Summary
This form provides for a summary of all college and/or university work, all ODE CEUs, and all LPDC approved activities since the last renewal date. It must be verified by the LPDC, and sent to the ODE along with the application for certificate/license form.

Form  LPDC-5  Notification of Completion
This form provides certification to the LPDC that the teacher has completed all requirements for grace renewal or for the provisions of the IPDP. It is submitted to the LPDC together with form LPDC-3 and form LPDC-4 at the time the application process is initiated.